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Born in Borgomanero on March 30, 1982, I attended the VI Faculty of Architecture and Building Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, graduating in Architecture and Building Production, specializing in the design and production of building processes.
I have been an Area Manager in a company for over four years dealing with the construction of industrial washing machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market.
My main activity is the management and development of the business in the Italian and international territory, directly managing sales in some territories and acting as a point of contact between the company, the distributors and the agents who represent it in order to guarantee the planned sales budgets in the relevant areas.
I am also responsible for acquiring new customers and introducing them to new products, bonuses and use of goods or services provided by the company I represent.
Setting sales goals by forecasting annual sales and projecting sales of new and existing products, developing and implementing sales plans to expand the customer base and increase business.
Over the years I have acquired the skills to manage a more or less complex sales negotiation.
I possess excellent communication, organizational and management skills in both domestic and foreign territories acquired during my work experiences, coordinating sales teams inside and outside the company while meeting budget and margin targets.
I am also proficient in risk management and analysis and planning techniques, problem solving, decision making and leadership skills.

After completing university I started working as a freelancer with several companies in the following areas:

In 2009 , I collaborated for eight months with the architect Buzzi Giovanni's studio in Milan and Sesto Calende.
Role: Executive design and on-site development for the design and construction of conservatories and building design.

In 2010 , I collaborated for a year with the Square Garden company, a company specializing in the design of bio-greenhouses, verandas and winter gardens.
Role: Executive design and on-site development for the design and construction of conservatories and building design.

Also in 2010 , I collaborated with the Lerian company in the field of tensile structures and roofing with polyvinyl chloride membranes.
Role: Executive design and on-site development for the design and construction of tensile structures.

In 2011 , I collaborated with the architect Enrico Marforio and Daniele Moro with whom I followed several projects in public and private works, among the important projects there is the design of the "Park in Lake Luino," the expansion of a school maternal located in the municipality of Dairago, of the preparation and reactivation of the "Galleria Giannoni," at the Broletto di Novara.
Role: Executive design and on-site development for the design and construction of public works.

In addition , I have developed, designed and followed many homes for individuals during these years and have collaborated with other different companies and freelancers, supporting them in various activities, executive design, development on site for the design and construction of public works, architecture, energy saving , design, graphics, research, computer science and information technology.

At the beginning of 2012 , I started my new job as Project Manager in the pharmaceutical market at IWT s.r.l. I have managed over one hundred projects in the pharmaceutical market all over the world of various complexity having relationships with many famous brands in the pharmaceutical market and animal facilities.
Role: Project Manager and validation for pharmaceutical washing equipment, customer support with on-site cleaning and validation solutions. Project management from sale to on-site cleaning validation.

At the end of the year 2020 , I started my new job as an Area Manager in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market at IWT s.r.l. devoting myself to the sales and development of the Italian and foreign markets.
Role: Providing support to identify cGMP washing solutions best suited to the needs of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Direct management of the territory and sales network and agents representing the company in the national and international territory.

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